Sonnet #31

Sonnet #31

Sonnet #31

Marthe Ballay
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In diesem englischen Sonnet wird die Erzählerin oder der Erzähler von einer Frau verführt, die nicht das ist, was sie vorzugeben scheint.

Beneath the moon's soft, scary Halloween light
I wandered 'mongst the woods, a bit uptight
The gnarled trees whispered secrets of the night
Their rustling leaves, a ghostly, chilling sight

A lovely figure in the moon's embrace
Did signal with her beauty, quick in pace
Each time I neared; she vanished in the haze
Her beauty led me on, lost in her grace

In this pursuit, my courage didn't yield
Though spectral whispers left me chilled and pale

But when I finally caught her in my sight
I saw her true form, and my face turned frail

For beauty masked a witch, my fear unfurled
My longing turned to disgust in this cruel world

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